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Boss Stewart


Hot from his mildly successful tour of Scotland on his Round the U-Bend tour, and after his new album, After the Zimmerframe, went gold, he couldn't resist the challenge of intermingling the sound of a Gibson, Harmony, Epiphone and Marshall with Boss's gruff bluesy brass neck style; so he, tinkered with the PA, donned a cool demeanor and got going.

It wasn't until the first session at Studio Dog, in deepest, darkest Blackpool that - in a tribute to that other famous bluesman Howling 'Armitage' Shanks - that he realised the rattling white earthenware in the bowels of the cellar was just a prelude of better things to come. Looking to build on that success, get his sound recognised, whilst expanding an already packed set-list, he will be performing for some time to come and are already planning some takes on ole classics as well as quite a number of new originals as part of his It's Grim Up North album.